March 8 & 9, 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
The Independent Cinema Expo is pleased to offer a slate of the best speakers, authors, and presenters in independent filmmaking today, all at ONE CONFERENCE, all for ONE LOW FEE!  It's extensive, it's intensive, and it's inexpensive.  REGISTER NOW!
Dov Simens' Hollywood 2-Day Film School is America's #1 independent film school.  Dov has taught over 8,000 aspiring filmmakers, including such notables as Baz Luhrman, Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee.  Dov teaches fact, not theory, giving you actionable information that you can put to work immediately.  The course is normally $299 by itself, but at the Independent Cinema Expo, Dov will compress a weekend's worth of material into two classes: The 99-Minute Film School - Making The Film (how to write, produce, direct, shoot, and edit your feature film), and The 99-Minute Film School - Selling The Film (how to market, sell, finance and distribute a feature film to the video, cable, Internet broadcast & theatrical markets.)
Jerry Molen is one of the highest-grossing producers in Hollywood history.  Mr. Molen won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe in 1993 for producing Schindler's List.  His producing resume also includes Minority Report, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Twister, Casper, Hook, Days Of Thunder, Rain Man, Batteries Not Included, and Bright Lights Big City.  After thoroughly conquering the studio system, Mr. Molen has recently turned his attention to producing independent films, such as last year's The Other Side Of Heaven and the upcoming The Legend Of Johnny Lingo.
Rick Schmidt has been making micro-budget feature films since 1975.  He knows so much about producing on tiny budgets, he wrote the book on it: his bestselling Feature Filmmaking At Used Car Prices is one of the "bibles" of independent filmmaking.  Rick's book has sold over 80,000 copies and has served as inspiration for industry notables
It's well known that raising the money is often the hardest part of making an independent film.  Louise Levison  wrote the definitive book on that subject: her Filmmakers & Financing: Business Plans For Independents is now on its third edition.  Louise is an expert in all facets of raising money for motion pictures.  She is the author of the business plan that raised the money to make The Blair Witch Project.  As president of, she is a consultant and business plan writer, offering strategies and plans for all budget levels.  Additionally, she publishes a newsletter, The Film Entrepreneur, aimed squarely at independent film producers.  Presented by Women In Film.
such as Vin Diesel, Eduardo Sanches (The Blair Witch Project) and Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma).  Rick's no-budget films have screened at Sundance and at festivals worldwide.  His 2000 Chetzemoka's Curse was only the second U.S. film certified as an official Dogme 95 movie.  In addition to writing books and films, Schmidt hosts collaborative Feature Workshops  --  interactive workshops where participants work together to write, produce, direct, and edit an entire no-budget indie film in just 10 days.  He will be conducting a workshop April 14-23 near Las Vegas.
Convincing investors to bankroll your independent film can be tough.  Wouldn't it be nice if they would just GIVE you the money, expecting nothing in return?  Morrie Warshawski  is one of the nation's foremost experts on getting grants and donations for film and video projects.  He's served as consultant and grantwriter for dozens of projects, and written several books on the subject, including: Shaking the Money Tree: How To Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video, The Next Step: Distributing Independent Films and Videos, and most recently, The Fundraising Houseparty: How To Get Charitable Donations From Individuals In A Houseparty Setting.  Mr. Warshawski specializes in fundraising for the arts, documentaries, and nonprofit film projects.  Presented by the AIVF -- The Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers.
Is there a market for short films?  You bet there is!  David Russell is president of Big Film Shorts, a distributor that sells collections of short films on videocassette and DVD, and streams them on the Internet.  Some of their short film collections can be found in Blockbuster, Tower, and Borders stores.  Big Film Shorts has
"Dov's class was the best 2 days of film education I ever had." -- Spike Lee
"Listened to Dov on HFI's tapes... Immediately shot Reservoir Dogs."  -- Quentin Tarantino
This is the first time these speakers can all be heard all in one place.
Screen legend Bo Svenson first shot to stardom as Sheriff Buford Pusser in the Walking Tall films and television series, and The Great Waldo Pepper.  Since then he's starred in over 40 feature films, and he's definitely hot and hip: his next role is in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Kill Bill, with Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson.  Although most
famous as an actor (recently nominated for Best Actor at the Tokyo Film Festival), Bo is also an accomplished writer and director of independent films.  His screenplay A Spirit Rebellious was selected as a finalist for the Writer's Foundation's America's Best Screenplays of 1997.  Whether in front of or behind the camera, for studio or independent films, Bo's done it all, and he's sharing his experience and wisdom at the 2003 Independent Cinema Expo.
relationships with Bravo/IFC, Showtime/Sundance Channel, HBO/Cinemax, and other major channels around the world, and also produces programming for Movieola (the first 24-hour short film channel in the world) and sister company Tigris Films releases short films theatrically -- playing short films on the same program as major motion pictures -- with Regal Cinemas, America's largest theater chain.